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How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

Hiring Process at Qlance is very easy and more safe for employers, All you need is to register as an employer then following simple steps:

  • Post  your online job or project from your dashboard 
  • Fill your project details such as (project title, descriptions, skills required and set your budget).
  • You can attach any other documents related to your project such as (Scope of work)
  • How could i pay to a freelancer?


    You pay to the freelancers via Paypal, so Qlance guarantee for you secured payment transactions.

  • How much it will cost me to hire a freelancer?


    This is depending on the type of projects you want to post, the projects budget can start from $5 till $99999. there is no any limitation regarding the project budget.

  • Do i pay the money to the freelancer before the project completion?


    No, you pay to Qlance and the money escrowed at our wallet then after you confirm the project completion. we release the payment due to the freelancer.

  • What's Escrow means?


    With escrow, clients pre-fund work and release funds to their freelancers as projects are completed are met – knowing that they’ll be able to review and approve delivered work before releasing payment. Escrow also gives freelancers the comfort of knowing that a project is funded before they begin working.

  • What if the project not completed?


    You can use our dispute feature to cancel the project and after we review the dispute case within  5 working days. we refund again the escrowed amount to your paypal account.

  • Can I Have a Private Chat With a Freelancer?


    yes sure, once the proposals submitted to your projects. you can check the freelancers profiles and press on a button called " Send Offer" to open the Chat panel with the freelancer.


How To Start Freelancing

Manage Your Profitable Account

If you have any computer skills congratulation, you can work as a freelancer, you can work on any projects related to your skills & experiences for example, if you a graphic designer then you can submit proposal for all projects related to graphic designing.

  • What i need to success as a freelancer?


    To success as a freelancer, you have to make your profile more attractive. you have to write a description about what you can do then add your skills, experience and educations at your profile.

    you should be care about your projects achievement quality because more positive feedback from employers mean more good reputation and more money earning.

  • How can i get paid from employers?


    After the project completed and the employer confirmed the completion status, Qlance will release you the payment via 2 payment options:

    • Paypal: you will get paid via your paypal account after you reach the minimum threshold.
    • Bank Transfer: you will get paid via bank transfer net 30 from the next month after you reach the minimum threshold.
  • What's the minimum threshold to draw my money?


    For Both paypal/Bank Transfer: the minimum threshold is $100

  • what happen if i don't get paid by the employer after i complete the project?


    it's impossible, because the employer pay the money before hiring a freelancer  and Qlance escrow this amount at its wallet then release the money after the project completion.

    And in case there is an issue between the freelancer and the employer, we have dispute feature. so the freelancer can open dispute case and our team study this case within 5 working days and if Qlance team find that the freelancer achieve the project as per the project description then Qlance team release the payment amount to the freelancer without return back to the employer.


Selling Your Gigs

Focus on Your Work

As a freelancer you have another option to earn money via our website. you can use our Micro Services option to sell your Gigs.

  • What's Micro Services (Gigs) ?


    Here at this point you don't need to submit your proposals for a specific projects to start work at Qlance. Micro services or Gigs mean that you can sell your services to any employer directly. .

  • How I Can Use Micro Services or Gigs?


    When you logged as a freelancer. at your dashboard you will find post services button at the left hand of your dashboard, just press this button and put all the required details to the service you want to sell.